Our Story


Contemporary fusion of Japanese & Peruvian cuisine, brought to you for the first time as food to go, Nikkei Go Food.

WAKA is a word that hold meaning in both languages. In Japanese WAKA means “poem”, standing for creativity. In the language of Ancient Incans, it means “something sacred”, standing for value.

The Nazca line with the shape of a hummingbird on our logo stands exactly for that. The hummingbird represents speed and efficiency, fluttering the wings at a remarkable 70 beats per minute, and always eating on the go, every 20 minutes to be precise. Playful & fearless, fun & curious, our hummingbird holds the key beliefs of WAKA,  being our mascot and the voice of Waka on social media. 



Japanese minimalism & harmony mixed with the fire & playfulness of Peru, it’s food that celebrates the vibrancy of a colourful menu, from Japanese kabocha pumpkin to the vivid hues of Peruvian purple potato; marrying the flavours of Japanese wasabi to Peruvian leche de tigre. Made fresh daily, WAKA is proud to bring you food that isn’t bound to geography, broadening horizons and awakening taste buds. 

From the Sea bass blood orange ceviche to the Chicken teriyaki hot bowl along with the Aguayo sushi set and tamari-glazed fried chicken wings, Waka offers a wide range of affordable Nikkei dishes, available to everyone.




In the 1800’s rumours started spreading in Japan of a faraway land called Peru full of promise and gold. Settlers from Japan – known as Nikkei – adapted their home cuisine using local ingredients. When the first combination of cultures happened, a new style of fusion food was born, and centuries later WAKA was born bringing you contemporary Nikkei Food to Go.